Bloco dos Arcos

The new percussion experience

Bloco dos Arcos

Bloco dos Arcos is a vibrant new percussion band, whose exuberant energy comes from the absolute dedication of all its members to each and every performance, creating a musical experience that is both energetic and sophisticated.

A dynamic group of young, talented and enthusiastic players who have had the privilege of playing with Alaor Soares, Maninho Costa and Marcos da Silva, Bloco dos Arcos is instilled with a sense of deep respect for the highest levels of Brazilian percussion.


Bloco dos Arcos is the traditional, fast swing of Batucada and the modern, heavy pulsing of Hip-Hop from Rio de Janeiro.

Bloco dos Arcos is the laidback groove of Samba-Reggae and the enchanting Capoeira songs of Salvador da Bahia.

Bloco dos Arcos is the mystical rhythms of Maracatu and Frevo from Pernambuco.

Bloco dos Arcos in concert is a demonstration of the utmost reverence for all aspects of samba. Traditional, cutting edge and everything in between. Bloco dos Arcos knows that genuine Brazilian music is passionate, uplifting and poetic, reflecting all the core elements of Brazilian culture. We are delighted to be part of that experience. So will you.